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Nepal has Vten and Bhutan has Xten. Learn more.

His real name  is Jeewan Baniya.

He was born in Dophulakha village under Phuntsholing gewog .
In  the year 2003, on  November 16 
he did his primary education  in Chongaykha Primary School (Year 2010-2016).

When he was in class 6 he would  listen to a song -sathi by Yamma Buddha. He was quite inspired by the music when  he heard  rap songs  for the first time. When he was in the  Primary School he was pretty good in his studies and when he completed his Primary education.
He moved to Gedu Higher Secondary school for my  higher education .
He started there in the year  2017 from class 7,
he met new friends, learnt new things and  he got alot more knowledge, he shares.


Every thing was different in the new school compared to  his previous school .
 Everyone had a good sense of dress up , they were ambitious , achieving big in life and the  one thing he learned was  the word hip-hop .

It was the first time in the year 2007 he heard the word 'HIP - POP'.There were  students who were good  beat boxer  and rapping.But he was  there simply to study and not to learn hip-hop .

But in 2018 he received a  link  from a   friend   named Wangdue in his  messenger, he was curious and wanted to know what was that? To his surprise  it was  a boom blasting rap by Vten sim-sima pani . He really liked the rap.
He did alot of  researcher on the  artist .OMG! his raps were mind blowing .Then  he knew hip-hop is good and he found an interested in hip-hop and then he started changing a little, he said.

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In 2019 something wrong had happened unfortunately he dropped out of  school in June ,2019  he came back to my village he worked and stayed at home  for few days but he didn't like the place .He dropped out of school because  he was more interested in music.He needed money/time/good friends.
His parents could not afford to give him both   music and  study . So it was a big decision to make and he finally 
 choosed music . 

 It was the first time he had written his first lyrics ( sorry ama )  which was for his mother.Then he went  to Thimphu in the month of  August he worked there in a  shop.During the  day he used to work and in the  evening he would write  lyrics .
After a  few days he had contacted with Drona to record my song but couldn't , he shares.

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It was sad but he did not loose hope.His friends who worked together with him  told him that you  cannot do it. ( recording) . He  said ok I won't do it because he used to bully me little.In  the end of September he left Thimphu and  came back to  his village again  .
Then he wrote another  lyrics ( soch )With the help of his brother and family he did the  recording 
On December 27 ,2019. It was a good beginning.
He had got  alot of  support from many people and it gave him alot of happiness.

He was more happy when Nobs ( Bhutan Hiphop Promotion) supported him.

 After that he has dropped 2 songs together ( old school & story on January 17 2020 )  It  didn't go off too  well because he was practicing stage.
And on 9 June  2020 he did  a ( kalo desh ko kalo raja ( link of song: cypher ep .1 Link of song: together and it's the latest 

 Now he is  the member of newly formed crew young blood's( YB)
Big fan of Laura .vten n 5:55 but he was inspired by vten..This is all what he shares to us. He says he will be doing  more collaboration with other artists in future. 

Follow him today and support.


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